• Generate dashboards for organization leadership and Marketing & Sales divisions
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Analytics & Performance Measurement


  • Support the migration and implementation of analytics systems on a variety of platforms

Analytics is expected to provide actionable insights based on reliable data.  Too much or too little reporting based on questionable data diminishes the value of web analytics.  

All the components matter: data definition, data collection, analysis, reporting, and action.  Misalignment on any of the components discredits not just one report but all future insights and decisions.

  • Validate metrics to ensure consistency and promote the highest data quality standards


  • Automate reporting mechanics to maximize frequency of generated insights and actions without straining resources
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Our clients are confident and ready to manage change inspired by just-in-time insights backed by reliable data sources. 

We provide a roadmap for clients to follow that balances audience needs and an organization's capabilities.

We understand the need to create a standard reporting structure that is both flexible and automated.  Reporting should happen quickly and easily, allowing teams to focus on insight analysis and hypothesis generation.